The Easiest Dubstep Platform Available

For those of you who wish to produce radio standard Dubstep, then you need the best production program available.

When Dubstep heavyweights like Benga, Rusko and Skream create those wicked tracks that we all know and love, they do so with what is generally an easy to use sequencing program.

There is much debate over who uses what program to make their dubstep tracks, but the fact is, there are numerous programs out there that are capable of producing amazing music.



Where Do I Start

Many people just don’t know where to start with music production. The very first question that you need to ask yourself (and be completely honest about) is your amount of prior experience and pre-existing technical knowledge.

The best part about engaging certain digital sequencing applications is the fact that you do need to go out and spend large sums on your hard-earned on external hardware. Everything (with the exception of live vocals) can be done within a single computer. So once the program is installed, you can get started making Dubstep immediately.

As mentioned above, it’s really only when you want live vocals and live instruments such as guitars or drums, then you need a complete studio suite and the hardware that comes with it. However, don’t forget that most programs have amazing drum and instrument sounds built in. In conjunction with vocal samples etc., there is almost nothing that can’t be done with the software alone.

Most Popular Program to Create Dubstep Music


The first software that is recommended to produce Dubstep music is BTV SOLO. The primary reason is that it’s extremely user-friendly and well laid out interface, enables those with little or no experience to generate some pretty awesome tracks.

Bounce out (export) your completed tracks as high quality MP3s to you can take your new music anywhere and start mixing them into your live DJ sets.

  • Download The Program Immediately From The Official Website
  • Compatible With Mac And PC Operating Systems
  • The Most User-Friendly Interface Of All Applications
  • More Great Samples, Plug-Ins, Sounds Can Be Downloaded
  • No External Hardware Needed To Operate

When it was first released, this application used to be around the same price as other entry level sequencers, but has since dropped by a staggering 3 times, and its popularity has exploded as a result.

For newcomers to intermediates who want to produce professional grade tracks, there is no better option.  Click the button below to visit the official website.



Due to being priced approximately six times that of the above program, it is a bit of a money-spinner. However, there are some great aspects of this program, as they all have their pros and cons.

There is a lot of talk about this being the primary choice for professional Dubstep DJs, but the fact of the matter is, even though new updates have emerged, Ableton is being phased out by many as tool to produce dubstep tracks.

Further to having the ability to make some fat, grimy beats, it is very diverse in capabilities and is employed by many to make hip hop tracks and various other dance genres.

  • Suitable To Make Various Genres Of Electronic Music
  • Intermediate To Expert Level Of Knowledge Needed
  • Purchased As Software Package With Instructional Guide
  • Great Sounding Samples & Sounds Included




It is a much argued topic and some may get sensitive about it, but the fact is that all professional level studios use Mac, and not PC. When talking about sheer stable, computing power that is not effected by other applications Mac programs can not be beaten.

Logic is a Mac only program and is utilized by some of the big-namers for certain aspects of some of their tracks. It is only recommended for those with extensive knowledge of digital music creation as it is very complex and difficult to use, if you don’t know what you are doing.

This is a very expensive program just to use to make digital music, so unless you have a big budget or plan on recording fully produced rock music or similar, perhaps go with one of the earlier options.

  • High Priced Initial Setup Costs Involved
  • Complete Studio Suite For All Music Styles
  • High Level Of Technical Knowledge Required
  • PC Versions Are Not Available


The Bottom Line

Do be realistic about your capabilities and prior experience. The above three are the most popular and commonly applied programs to make Dubstep music, so I’m sure there is something there for everyone. Don’t be scared off by the technical aspect and information, give it a try, you might just surprise yourself.

If you want to get started with BTV SOLO, visit their website here



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Use Logic Studio And Apple For Incredible Dubstep

Being a music fan, I took up a job in a well known music studio. I was hired as a trainee and the job was only for 6 months. The company told me they would be training me on the latest music software. The music company was also ready to pay me some stipend for this trainee position.

Though money was not good for this job, I took this job because music is my life. Also, the music studio is very famous because all the top music directors and artist frequently visit this place so working here would give me a chance to meet many of my favorite music stars.

I always wanted to be a music artist because I am very good in singing as well as in dancing. I always wanted to perform live in front of large crowd. To accomplish my dream I took this job so that some day I can produce my own music album which might help me get the recognition I am looking for.

So What Do We Use?

In one month the music studio gave me training on Logic Studio application and in the remaining 5 months I was given on-job practical training. It was great fun because I really enjoyed my 6 months working on this software.

Logic studio software can be used on Mac machine only and with this application one can simultaneously mix, edit, record and write music. This software is simple as well as easy to understand and use.

This music application has many useful tools for making music of your choice. The sound effects produced through this software is awesome and terrific. Some of the tools available with this software are effect plug-ins, audio loops, modeled instruments and sampler.

With this software it is very simple and easy to make loops. One can also assemble as well as reshape loops through this software. With Logic studio you can easily compose video and even improvise your work in real-time which helps you to work without breaking work flow.

Seamless punch recording allows you to easily record any music genre. There are innumerable plug-ins available in Logic studio, it also has Marker creation feature. Editing can be done on the run and is very easy to do. In this music application there are many editing tools which can be used in real time for producing incredible sound.



Mix And Match…

For mixing you can use various input channels available in this software. Mixing is very simple and easy. No other music application provides such incredible environment for mixing a track.

With Mac you can perform live by using this terrific music production software. During live performance you can control the flow of music without having to stop the music. This software helps you to play music in one flow without losing track during live shows.

Logic Pro 9 is the hottest new version from Logic studio in the market with incredible features and mind-blowing controls which will help you to make music in quick time.

Get it now and rock with your Mac. Check out the official website here:


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Attracting Crowds To Your Original Dubstep Music

Making original Dubstep songs has become quite profitable in recent times, though does not often receive the credit it deserves from writers and composers of other genres.

Musicians vary from ballad, pop, rock, alternative and jazz among others. These types of songs can be done in no time by any composer through various software and music tools online. Technology offers any composer, musician, and singer artists a way to perfect their songs through editing and music tools available. A wrong pitch can be changed or edited through these music tools. A melody that needs a slight edit can also be done with the help of software. Some websites even offer free downloads or access to these music tools that helped and supported most aspirants in this kind of field.

Writing New-Age Dubstep For A Target Audience

Before composing your beats and  writing the song, you should first consider what topic to touch on. What will the song be all about? Who are our target listeners for this song? What is the mood we want to establish with the song? These are some of the questions composers should answer before they start to compose a song. The best way to captures the listener’s attention is through the subject of the song. As you may have noticed, the most popular songs are the ones that really hit the listeners hard.

If you recently broke up with your partner, the songs that will definitely grab your attention are sad songs or songs that tackle more on lost love.This is a great new way to target a particular type of dubstep lover, with emotional style tracks – no one is really doing this yet!

If you are in love and have an inspiration, you will surely listen to songs about falling in love, or happy songs that can enlighten your soul. These are just examples on how most people can relate to songs based on the subject. On the other hand, you should also know which subject will capture your attention and will interest you the most. That way, you will also enjoy writing and composing the song.

Establishing the mood also helps musicians a lot. If the song is sad, it will never catch a listener’s attention if you put a happy melody right? Or, it might have a negative impact on the overall song. Melody solidifies the mood, something which the lyrics simply cannot do.

Of course, the lyrics are just as important. Most composers tell a story in their songs to attract listeners. You need to be hooked on the first line, because it already introduces what the song will tackle on. But this is the hardest part for composers: getting the audience to listen from the start. When listeners get to hear the first line, it will be easier for them to finish the song and hear the rest of your story.

As listeners, you will usually find out who the artist is first, before occupying your thoughts with the song itself. Only afterwards will interest in the lyrics and melody follow. Songs hit the billboard charts because of the singer and how he delivers it. Nevertheless, without the composer who created the song and without the tools that helped him make it, there is no song to enjoy.

So try to think outside the box a little bit when it comes to writing your own dubstep tracks, as there is some serious money to be made as a result.


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